The Sheehan Music Parents Association’s (MPA) annual Lyman Orchards Pie fundraiser starts on September 11, 2019. Students who sell pies will earn 75% of the profit for each pie sold which will go directly into their student account that can be used for student music expenses (trips, apparel, fees, etc.).

Details about this fundraiser include:

Students are not allowed to sell pies to anyone during school hours. If a student would like to sell to someone at school, it may only be done after 2:30 pm. Please feel free to sell to families, friends, neighbors, workmates and other contacts you may have.

Important Dates:

  • Sale begins September 11, 2019.

  • Orders and payment should be sent to Sheehan MPA, P.O. Box 4641, Wallingford, CT 06492, by October 11, 2019. Make check payable to Sheehan MPA.  Submit one check for the entire order.

  • Pies will be ready for pick up on November 23, 2019, (late morning to be announced) at Sheehan HS in the rear outside senior court area. Pies are delivered frozen and need to be kept frozen until they reach their final destination. Be sure to have enough freezer space to store your pie orders or make arrangements with your customers to deliver your pies immediately.

Contact the Pie Fundraiser Coordinator (Shannon Sorvillo, at if you have any questions.


Thank you for your support!

Mark T. Sheehan High School Music Parents Association

PO BOX 4641, Wallingford, CT 06492, USA

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